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Art From The Heart

Portrait paintings of Georgia's Fallen Heroes
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Jamaal R. Addison
Army Specialist Jamaal R. Addison, 22
March 23, 2003
by Lisa Gleim


Kevin Akins
Army Sergeant Kevin Akins, 29
March 12, 2006

by Leah Hopkins Henry


Zachary Alday
Seaman Zachary Alday, 22
June 9, 2006
by Lisa Gleim


Daniel Joseph Allman II
PFC Daniel Joseph Allman II, 20
November 13, 2006

by Jennifer Stewart Day


William Allmon
Army SGT William Allmon, 25
April 12, 2008

by Sandra Anderson


Victor A. Anderson
Army SFC Victor A. Anderson, 39
July 30, 2005
by Geri Zaki

Brian Daniel Ardron
Army Sergeant Brian Daniel Ardron, 32
May 21, 2007
by Sandra Anderson

Jeffery S. Blanton
Marine Lance Cpl. Jeffery S. Blanton, 23
December 12, 2004

by Carla Sanchez


Judd Brinson
Captain Judd Brinson, 35
April 3, 2004

by Elizabeth Bame

Tyler Hall Brown
1st Lieutenant Tyler Hall Brown, 26
September 14, 2004

by Geri Zaki


Jacques E. Brunson
Army Spc. Jacques E. Brunson,30

July 24, 2005
by Dede Collicott

Ryan M. Campbell
Army Sergeant Ryan M. Campbell, 25

April 29, 2004
by Shane McDonald


Hayes Clayton
Captain Hayes Clayton, Jr., 29
December 25, 2006

by Terrell Herbert
Jeremy A. Chandler
Captain Jeremy A. Chandler, 30
August 11, 2005
by Stefanie Lieberman

Brian L. Chevalier
Army Cpl. Brian L. Chevalier, 21
March 14, 2007

by Stefanie Lieberman


Kelley Lance Courtney
Sgt. Kelley Lance Courtney, 28
October 30, 2004
by Thomas Bateman



Joel P. Dameron
Marine Staff Sergeant Joel P. Dameron, 27
October 30, 2005

by Elizabeth Bame

Christopher M. Dickerson
Navy PO 3rd Class
Christopher M. Dickerson, 33
April 30, 2004

by Dominique Marsh

Joshua P. Dingler
Army Spc Joshua P. Dingler, 19
August 15, 2005
by Anna Gillon


Philip A. Dodson, Jr.
Army Sergeant Philip A. Dodson, Jr., 42
December 2, 2005

by Mary Ann McCoy

Amy Sgt. Shawn Dressler, died June 2, 2007 at age 22
Army Sgt. Shawn Dressler, 22
June 02, 2007

by Elizabeth Rietz




Marshall L. Edgerton
Army Spc. Marshall L. Edgerton, 27
December 11, 2003
by Fran Milner

Marion Flint, Jr.
Army Staff Sgt. Marion Flint, Jr., 29
May 15, 2006
by Julie Deane

Benjamin Freeman
Army Private Benjamin Freeman, 19
October 13, 2003

by Sivananda Nyayapathi

Marcus S. Futrell
Army Specialist Marcus S. Futrell, 20
December 2, 2005
by John Simms

Mathew Gibbs
Army Specialist Mathew Gibbs, 21
August 3, 2005
by Tim Beacham

Jerry L. Ganey, Jr.
Sgt. (army) Jerry L. Ganey, Jr.
August 3, 2005 - age 29
by Cindi Rawlins

Steven Givens
Army Specialist Steven Givens, 26
May 8, 2005
by Wendy Jackson

Jason Harkins
Army Sergeant Jason Harkins, 25
May 6, 2007
by Charlotte Snead


Blake M. Harris
Army Staff Sgt. Blake M. Harris, 27
March 15, 2007
by Geri Zaki

Noah Harris
Army 1st Lieutenant Noah Harris, 23
June 17, 2005

by Keith Barnett
Dennis Patrick Hay
Army CWO Dennis Patrick Hay, 32
August 29, 2005
By Kathleen Ryan

Christopher Holland
Army Spc. Christopher Holland, 26
December 17, 2003
by Daniel Shouse

Darren Patrick Hubbell
Army Staff Sgt. Darren Patrick Hubbell, 38
June 20, 2007

Portrait by Leah Hopkins Henry


Ashley Henderson Huff
Army 1st Lieutenant Ashley Henderson Huff, 23
September 19, 2006

by Walt Peterson


Justin Jarrett
Army Specialist Justin Jarrett, 21
October 2, 2006

by Vickie Johnson


Justin W. Johnson
Army Spc. Justin W. Johnson, 22
April 10, 2004

by Leah Hopkins Henry


Stephen F. Johnson
Marine Cpl. Stephen F. Johnson, 20
October 8, 2006
by Lois Pahl

Kenneth Aaron Kincaid IV
Army PFC Kenneth "Aaron" Kincaid IV, 25
September 23, 2006
by Vivian Moody
Painted for his mother

Kenneth Aaron Kincaid IV
Army PFC Kenneth "Aaron" Kincaid IV, 25
September 23, 2006

by Jennifer Stewart Day
Painted for his wife and daughters

Jerry Ryen King
Army Specialist Jerry “Ryen” King, 19
April 23, 2007
by Leah Hopkins Henry

Gene Lamie
Army Sergeant Gene Lamie, 25
July 6, 2007

by Donna Colleran
Victor M. Langarica
Army Corporal Victor M. Langarica, 29
January 20, 2007
by Leah Hopkins Henry

Samuel W. Large, Jr.
Marine Lance Corporal Samuel W. Large, Jr., 21
February 17, 2006
Portrait by Lisa Gleim

William Long
Army Corporal William Long, 26
June 18, 2005

by Sherry Needle


Joseph A. Lucas
Army Specialist Joseph A. Lucas, 23
December 15, 2005

by Evelyn Breit




J. Trane McCloud
Marine Major J. Trane McCloud, 39
December 3, 2006
by Anna Gillon
Dennis P. Merck
Army Staff Sgt. Dennis P. Merck, 38
October 20, 2005

by Walter E. Peterson

Oil portrait of Marine 1st Sgt. Luke J. Mercardante 35, of Athens, Ga.
Marine 1st Sgt. Luke Mercardante, 35
April 15, 2008
by Deanna Hatfield
Johnathon M. Millican
Army PFC Johnathon M. Millican, 20
January 20, 2007
by Julie Dean


Jason D. Nathan
Airman 1st Class Jason D. Nathan, 22
June 23, 2007

by Fran Milner

Lonnie Parsons
Army Sgt. 1st Class Lonnie Parsons, 39
September 2, 2005

by Sherry Needle


Matthew B. Phillips
Army Cpl. Matthew B. Phillips, 27
July 13, 2008
by Nancy Blum


Foster Pinkston
Army Sgt. Foster Pinkston, 47
September 16, 2003
by Leila Ashton

Diego F.Rincon
Army PFC Diego F. Rincon, 19
March 29, 2003
by Larry Hall




David J. Salie
Army Sgt. 1st Class David J. Salie, 34
February 14, 2005
by Geri Zaki

painted for his wife and children
David J. Salie
Army Sgt. 1st Class David J. Salie, 34
February 14, 2005
by Mary Ann McCoy

painted for his father

Paul A. Saylor
Army Sergeant Paul A. Saylor, 21
August 15, 2005

by Carole Chalmers


Ronnie Lee Shelley, Sr.
Army Sergeant Ronnie Lee Shelley, Sr., 34
July 30, 2005
by K. Ashley Pittman
painted for his wife and children

Ronnie Lee Shelley, Sr.
Army Sergeant Ronnie Lee Shelley, Sr., 34
July 30, 2005

by Sandy A.Sparks
painted for his parents
Jonathan B. Shields
Army Sergeant Jonathan B. Shields, 25
November 12, 2004
by Terrell Herbert

Corey Spates
Army Sergeant Corey Spates, 21
February 10, 2008
by Tim Beacham

Michael James Stokely
Army Sergeant Michael James Stokely, 23
August 16, 2005

by Kristina Laurendi Havens

Thomas J. Strickland
Army Sergeant Thomas J. Strickland, 27
August 15, 2005
by Carole Chalmers
Patrick Tainsh
Army Sergeant Patrick Tainsh, 33
February 11, 2004
by Donna Colleran

William G. Taylor
Marine Corporal William G. Taylor
, 26
November 30, 2005
by Pat Aubé Gray
Thomas R Thigpen Sr
Army MSgt. Thomas R Thigpen Sr, 52
March 16, 2004
by Carol Kelly Dorn
Philip L. Travis
Army Staff Sergeant Philip L. Travis, 41
December 2, 2005
by Donna Colleran
 Emory J. Turpin
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Emory J. Turpin
November 20, 2005
by Chad Awalt
Charles Scott Walker
Private Charles Scott Walker, 19
February 1, 1991

by Kathleen Ryan
Jeffrey Davis Walker
Marine Lance Corporal Jeffrey Davis Walker, 21
May 14, 2007
by Lois M. Pahl
Charles Warren
Army Sergeant Charles Warren, 36
August 3, 2005

by Joan Lieninger
Donovan E. Watts
Army Sergeant Major Donovan E. Watts, 46
November 21, 2006
by Thomas Bateman
Marquis Whitaker
Army PFC Marquis Whitaker, 20
April 27, 2004
by Tom Dorsey


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