The Atlanta Fine Arts League, Inc. was created in 2005 as an artists' collective by a group of Atlanta area professional artists, working in representational genres and multiple mediums to create opportunities for exhibitions, art and business education and to offer opportunities for community service, by bringing awareness and attention to various issues that affect our community as a whole. By sponsoring various arts projects, events and exhibitions designed to enrich the community, our artists are able to give back in unique ways with their art.

AFAL is also an organization dedicated to creating an atmosphere for our professional artists to share ideas, find support and build professional relationships. Dinner discussions, workshops, exhibitions, an online Fourm and an E-News letter are just a few ways the League helps support its members and their careers.

AFAL's other goals are to provide mentoring and offer guidance
to aspiring and emerging young artist.

Our professional artist members include painters, sculptors, print makers
and medical illustrators.

Atlanta Fine Arts League Mission Statement -

Our purpose is to provide professional visual artists, working in representational genres, opportunities for exhibitions, art and business education through workshops, critique sessions, discussion groups and opportunities for participation in community service; to mentor and offer scholarships to aspiring and emerging young artist.


From Left: Kamal El Shashai, Donna Colleran, Sherry Needle, Dede Collicot, Kathleen Ryan, Lois Pahl, Siva Nyayapathi, Dominique Marsh, Charles Walls, Leah Henry, Pat Aubé Gray, Geri Zaki, Fran Milner and Lisa Gleim-Jonas.
(Not pictured: K. Ashley Pittman, Carol K. Dorn, Keith Barnett and Larry Hall)


AFAL's Governing Body

Lisa Gleim - Exhibitions & Membership
Leah Henry - Workshops

Sherry Needle - Exhibitions
Fran Milner -Communications, Workshops

Geri Zaki - Budget, Programs & Special Projects

Pat Aube Gray
Larry Hall
Ahmed Zaki, CPA

Our Members

Sandra Anderson
Terrell Herbert
Beth Bame
Vickie Johnson
Thomas Bateman
Jenny Lyon
Tim Beacham
Dominique Marsh
Evelyn Breit
Shane McDonald
Bootsie Callaham
Vivian Moody
May Cao
Sivananda Nyayapathi
Donna Colleran
Lois M. Pahl
Dede Collicott
Cindi Rawlins
Jennifer Stewart Day
Toby Reid
Carol Dorn
Liz Rietz
Cathy Ehrler
Carla Sanchez
Kamal El Sheshai
Bayberry Shah
Lynne Fischer
John Simms
Anna Gillon
Charles Y. Walls

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please contact us at

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